Welcome to Drop-In Single Session Counselling!

For life’s challenges our FREE drop-in psychological counselling services are in your community. With you, our Intern Therapists will focus on your strengths and abilities to help you create a plan for the change you most want in your life. Our single-session therapy is here when you are ready.

We offer individual, couples/partners, and family therapy. Our services include referrals to additional services that will support the change you desire.

Please check the service locations for location information.

Whether you drop-in or walk-in, we’re here when you need us most.

Our Service

Our drop-in psychological counselling service is provided by Intern Therapists who are completing their Masters or PhD in therapy or other counselling areas. In addition to the extensive individual and group supervision they receive, we also use a team approach so that you can benefit from many perspectives to help you make the change you desire.

We support you, drawing upon your own strengths and abilities along with providing information that will help you create a plan for the change you most want in your life. If you wish to know about other services in our community we will provide these as well.

Our qualified team can assist with a number of issues including but not limited to:

Adjusting to Life in Canada Parenting
Alcohol and Drug Use Personal or Job Stress
Anger Management Relationship Issues
Anxiety and Depression Separation and Divorce
Balancing Work and Family Sexual Abuse (men and women)
Grief and Loss Trauma
Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning (LGBTQ) Intimate Partner Violence or Domestic Violence

What to Expect

  • Single Sessions are about 1 hour.
  • Our drop-in model works on a first come first served basis so you may need to wait while the Intern Therapist serves others. We recommend bringing a book or something to pass the time.
  • The Intern Therapist will consult a team of therapists during the session to ensure you receive the best possible service.
  • If you need to come back for additional service, you may not get the same Intern Therapist but the team is always available.
  • We are unable to provide child care so we ask you to plan ahead.
  • Our multiple locations are spread throughout Edmonton and provide flexible days and times to make it easy to walk-in to access our service. We really are there when you need us most!


There is NO cost to you. It’s FREE. The City of Edmonton - Family and Community Support Services and United Way of the Capital Region fund our Drop-In service.

Confidentiality Policy

When you come to this service, what you and the Intern Therapist talk about is private and confidential. The therapist cannot, and will not, freely share any information about you to others outside this service. This means that only with your written permission could we release information about you to anyone else. There are exceptions, required by law, where information may be given out without your consent. These include:

  • Cases of suspected or reported child abuse or neglect will be reported to Family and Children’s Services.
  • When a client shares information regarding serious harm to self (suicide) or to someone else (homicide).
  • A subpoena or summons is served by the courts.

Here When You Need Us Most